The Bonobo factor

Political intransigence explained..............

The Bonobo Factor: Is this a possible explanation for the increasingly  

defined political schisms, experienced in the American political  
conflict. Left vs Right?

I closely observe and always with great fascination, the ongoing and  

seemingly never ending American electoral 'circus'. With passing time  
I have become ever more constantly amazed, at the evenly split and  
seemingly intransigent divisions, between the opposing ideologies of  
the participating parties.

Each side seems to express, and are entrenched in their opinions as to  

completely differing and opposite viewpoints, about how life and  
community should be managed and lived!

That such an abyss has appeared and grown wider with time, between the  

belief systems of the Right and the Left, during this process over  
time, has led me to the only conclusion that seems to make any sense  
at all? That the two almost equally divided parties are actually not  
part of a common species!

In other words are we in the process of observing a truly historic and  

actual dividing or splitting, of what was once a common people or  
species? An analysts dream come true.

Doing  research into this matter, I found that there is actual  

historical and modern evidence that supports that such "species  
splitting" has actually occurred, and quite often, along the  
evolutionary path of earths creatures.

Equally to my surprise, I found that it had occurred and not that long  

ago in real time, in that very species of great apes with whom  
humankind has most in common. At least on a social and biomedical  
basis, as we actually share some 99% of the same DNA factors with,  
believe it or not....The Chimpanzee species!

Apparently a splitting of that species, into two distinct societies of  

the same family, occurred some 1.5 million years ago. One segment  
became known as the 'Bonobo' Chimpanzee and the other more familiarly  
known as simply the 'Chimpanzee'. The traits of these two now distinct  
species, has been studied and surprise, surprise, they developed their  
own unique viewpoints, about how to get along in life and how to in  
essence, do "community"!

The simple Chimpanzee remained and developed the more aggressive  

reputation of the two. Lacking in any altruistic talents and treating  
it's Chimpanzee neighbors and other Ape tribes as enemies, who were to  
be attacked and whose territories were to be conquered. The tribal  
instincts of a male dominated class system were maintained, as was the  
submissive role of females and youths to the adult alpha males.

The 'Bonobo' on the other hand, are actually renowned for their more  

peaceful and altruistic natures. Apparently preferring intimacy as a  
tool for settling differences within their own clan, as well as with  
neighboring clans. The female becoming the central focus of family  
within the group of this now entirely separate species.

I am therefore convinced that the 'Bonobo' in this historical dynamic,  

has much in common with that modern 'human' Ape, that espouses what  
are known as 'left wing' or the more decidedly altruistic tendencies  
of the modern Democrat. The moral codes of the Bonobo species are also  
more akin to a " live and let live" ethos. Which is certainly more  
recognizable in the human left leaning ideological beliefs.

While the more simple ' Chimpanzee ' clings to the vitriolic and right  

sided male dominated ' winner takes all ' or 'only the strong will  
survive' methodology, of the more seemingly aggressive natured human,  
and certainly a more common trait in the current ideologies of the  
American right, or the G.O.P. as they are known.

I am not quite sure as to where this may lead.  But perhaps it is time  

to have the politicos begin to debate, that agreement between two such  
"distinct species", with such constantly differing viewpoints on  
almost every issue, should lead to 'our going our separate paths', as  
did the Bonobo and the Chimp?

I believe it would take a series of referendums to decide the  

territorial aspects of such an outcome. But once the decision has been  
reached, that no compromise is ever available, and that we are simply  
condemned to agree to disagree at every turn, or to live in a constant  
state of 'impasse" as we have currently! Therefore should we not now  
move forward and away from each other. Seems logical don't you think?  
At least it did for the animal species that we belong to.

The territorial matter for the Bonobo and the Chimp was decided  

apparently 1.5 million years ago, by a natural event, which split them  
apart from each other, without choice playing any role  
whatsoever............. We should be so lucky!.

The current stalemate 'politics as usual' in the U.S. will certainly  

not solve this problem............ or any other apparently? Meanwhile  
the world waits and it's economies stumble along!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah, Swansee etc etc  

etc .....

James M. Convey


12/29/2012 13:38

Very interesting analogy. I sense your frustration in this piece. Imagine how decent Americans feel. I am sure they are mortified by the divisions and vitriolic political idiocy that is their current body political. You may have something in your suggestion that it is time for a "real split"......??


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