".................... Not to know what has been transacted in former times is to be always a child. If no use is made of the labors of past ages, the world must remain always in the infancy of knowledge...............The welfare of the people is the ultimate law!   (Salus Populi Suprema Est Lex)...... Cicero "  

The American Governing structures under the GOP have been by design, through internal and disingenuous control of the peoples government, steadily and deliberately neutered by GOP economic policies over several decades! The American economy, as a once properly monitored and socially broad beneficial capitalism, of the 50's thru the 70's, was reformed over this modern period by their sole efforts! Into a Randian, Laissez faire, anything goes system, (trickle down) whereby only those with great wealth, controlled the Development of the corporate sector, both domestically and globally for the last 35 years,  

They have been, unfortunately for the American worker, solely focused upon advantaging themselves of cheaper emerging market labor, in a free trade market dynamic, purely in order to maximize 'profits'. This meant as a consequence, the systemic destruction of the manufacturing industries, and the core of American industrial power. The beneficiaries of this quantum shift and sell out, has obviously not been the American middle class, or democratic society in general! 
Rather the working class and prime consumer dynamic, has been decimated and remains so, by the effects of technological advances in the financial sector, which allowed for only that sector of the American economy, to prosper during that same period!  
Even then, that was insufficient for them, as they proceeded to turn the economy, via ongoing deregulation, into a gamblers and speculators paradise. So much so that today the top 50 most interconnected companies on the planet, are all in the financial services industry. Where once American and British industrial giants had ruled? The so called bastions of the nations.? Where are they now? China, India, Brazil etc. 
Ryan and Romney continue to issue snippets of spin statements, meant it seems to salve the conscience of those few that benefited the most, from this unhealthy model of capitalism that we suffer from today. They must know, unless they are totally inept, that their great wealth has come at a severe cost to their own nation and civil society in general? 
Romney and Ryan's  bluster about government corruption and waste 'ad nauseum', is nothing more than an ideological coverup for the real factors at play, in todays realignment of the power brokers, and the creation of ever more safe havens for their wealth creation. None of which pays any mind to the social needs of any community, let alone their own American populace.  
That some few, (Buffett etc), of the truly lucky that profited from this evil economic system, have now the courage to admit to the capricious nature of the fixed casinos, that our banks and financial services giants actually represent. Is for me a breath of fresh air and tells me that there is still hope, that others may still see the need for a 'mea culpa' and join the majority of feeling people, that see the evil for what it is and has become! The wholesale theft of the American dream! 
The stench of private sector corruption during the period of my own career of 45 years in economic analysis, overwhelms any possible comparison to any public misdeeds by this or any democratic government!  

Via their "Trickle down" inanity, GOP administrations of the past and recent history, have consistently laid waste to the nations economy, with their constant insistence upon enriching only a tiny % of the nation, with this supply side economic idiocy, which so clearly continues to fail, as any supportive economic model for the true health of the entire nation ............ 
.............. Why so many people and conservatives at that,  would continue to support this valueless ideology is a source of constant amazement to me............?  

James M. Convey

12/29/2012 13:33

Excellent article. It would appear that this ongoing gradual travesty has had it's dilatory effect upon the American nation. There are examples of this historical insanity at every level of American society over the last 35 years as you say.
I only hope that with Obama now into his second term, changes will indeed come and America will rediscover the meaning of the founders statements as to the "unalienable rights" of every citizen?


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